4 Tips for Moving out of Your Starter Home

Dated: 04/05/2018

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Remember when you decided to move out of your parents home or college dorm? How exciting and gratifiying was it to have your very own place, but it's finally time to move out and look for something beyond your starter home. The following four tips can help you move out stress-free:

Reduce Debt Before Your Move- Buying something beyond a starter home is likely going to be a bit pricier. This means you don't want to go into this with previous debts to worry about. You want to make sure that you get rid of credit card debt, and avoid additional debt like car or student loans. Taking this step early will help you free up your money, and may even help you make a better down payment.

Shared Living May Work- Those who want a better home but know that it might be financially rocky may want to consider living with another person, perhaps a brother or sister. There are a lot of young homeowners starting to cohabitate to reduce the financial stress linked to homes that are little more expensive. You save money this way, and you help a loved one move out at the same time.

Seek Professional Help- There's a lot that you have to juggle when searching for a home, but there is no reason to worry when you have a real estate agent there for you. Things like finding a home in a neighborhood you want, or making sure that the house you find has an updated electrical system that can support your needs, are things your real estate agent can hunt for. All you have to do is show up, and make sure the house you find speaks to you.

Get a Second Gig- It may be time for you to get a second job, and there are a number of ways you can do this through the shared economy. Use your phone to look for tasks that you can complete on the side, such as driving people around through ride-sharing apps or helping deliver groceries through grocery-delivery apps. A second gig works around your schedule but can help bring in additional cash, which you might need to stabilize your finances after making such a big purchase.

In conclusion, it may require a little sacrifice and may be nerve-wracking, but moving out of your starter home is something you'll feel proud about. Some of these steps should make this easier, but be sure you take your time as you make this move.

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